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Waterway Asset Management System WAMS (EN)

Vienna, July 2018:

With viadonau and Vienna University of Technology, a unique waterway asset management system (WAMS) was created from 2012 to 2018 with complete digitalization of all necessary steps for operation and maintenance being nominated for the 2017 Mobility State Prize as well.

This project is unique in the world. In addition it saves millions of euros for our customer.

Project title

Development of a waterway management system (WAMS) for a complete digitalization of the Austrian section of the Danube acquisition of river bed surveys, water level and cost data of the last 10 years.




Research project


2012 to 2015 (Phase I) and 2016 to 2018 (Phase II)


WAMS I (2012 – 2015 with TU Vienna/Head of research group); WAMS II (2015 – 2018 HOFFMANN CONSULT) with project conception and scientific project management with the participation of Alexander HABERL and Katrin HASELBAUER among many others

Project goals

The aim of the research project was to develop a methodical quantitative approach for asset management of the waterway and its implementation in a software tool (as an operating system for inland waterways).


Development of a waterway asset management system that is unique in the world, with digitization of all processes and high functionality as well as national and international recognition.

  • Module 1: Database, basic system and availability with map interface and automated analysis of the acquisition and level data

  • Module 2: Excavator management with action planning, control and billing

  • Module 3: Bed load management to avoid bed erosion

  • Module 4: Hydraulic engineering management with condition analysis and action planning

  • Module 5: Traffic management with analysis of all traffic processes on the Danube

Resulting in “operating system” for the waterway with optimal availability and savings of several million euros up to now as well as nomination for the State Prize for Transport 2017.


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