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With our many years of experience and internationally recognized expertise, we minimize the risks and increase the efficiency and acceptance for our clients. We earn the trust of our customers through extensive knowledge of scientific methods and state-of-art practice, hard work and timely delivery of high-quality results. The comprehensive, successfully completed projects and range of activities proves the trust of our customers and our interest in new challenges with a focus on the following fields:

  • Conception, development and implementation of all types of digitization projects of the infrastructure for complex tasks and analysis of large amounts of data

  • Scientific research, publication and lecturing at international level on life cycle costs, winter maintenance and waterway asset management as well as big data analysis

  • Development of holistic investment strategies in transport infrastructure and life cycle cost analyzes from the perspective of investors, operators, the environment and society

  • Assessment of fixed assets and investment needs in (road) infrastructure and optimization of life cycle costs for track structures, bridges and tunnels on roads

  • Development and application of innovative condition forecasting with predictive maintenance and optimization algorithms and implementation in software

  • Development of winter maintenance service research in Austria with international publications, forecast models, manuals, training and implementation in Austria

  • Financial needs for federal and state roads in Austria with development and implementation of strategies in planning, operation, maintenance and construction 

  • Coordination and expert opinion on the environmental compatibility of large-scale projects in transport, hydraulic engineering, sports stadiums as an expert and in the overall coordination of environmental assessment

  • Strategic advice and development of multimodal transport and investment concepts from the level of the federal states down to the municipal level.

  • Research, expert opinions and statements on relevant topics in transport infrastructure

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