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Winter Service Talks & Snow Plough Euro 2022 (EN)

Vienna, October 2022:

Lecture Hoarfrost in Winter Maintenance - Measurement, Prediction & Control:

The winter maintenance research in Austria has established a sound foundation for an optimal winter road maintenance for all road weather scenarios during the last decade. The research projects WinterFIT I-IV on behalf of ASFINAG have deepened these findings especially with regard to the prediction of hoarfrost together with the development of a universal winter maintenance and road condition model for all weather scenarios. The Winter Service Talks at the Snow Plough Euro 2022 from October 11 to 13, 2022 in Tulln (province of Lower Austria) were the ideal setting to present the latest results in winter maintenance research on measurement, prediction and control of hoarfrost events to ,a wider audience. Key results have been:

  • Development of a sensor for the automatic measurement of hoarfrost events

  • The measurement of hoarfrost events for several seasons in 5 different locations

  • Statistical analysis of the events and development of accurate prediction models

  • Investigation into the effects of hoarfrost on roa condition and skid resistance

  • Development and field testing of efficient strategies against lowered skid resistance

Lecture Hoarfrost in Winter Maintenance at the winter service talks Tulln 2022

Lecture details and slides:

can be found under

Impressions of the winter service talks:

Photocredit: Florian Matiasek, BMK)

Impressions Snow Plough Euro 2022:

A total of 27 competitors from nine nations took part in the European Snow Plough Championships on October 12 and 13 in Tulln (Austria). Each nation was allowed to send a maximum of four participants. This European Championship was organized by PIARC Austria (World Road Association Austria). The main focus of the competition was on skill and concentration in order to successfully complete the course with 15 stations. In the end it was a quadruple triumph of the Austrians with the European Champion Manuel Luger (ASFINAG), Gerhard Vock (Lower Austria) as reigning World Champion on rank 2 and Tommy Hecher (City of Graz) on rank 3. Further details with pictures and videos of the successful event can be found on the official homepage under

(Photocredit: MLK Media - Max Luis Köbele)


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